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. a public work's official told us tonight a hill slide is liable to slide more. and the onsloth of more water makes things worse. >> it's too unstable to start bringing the material off site. we would love to get that material out of here so you guys can have access. just right now we haven't got the green light. >> reporter: emergency officials held a community meeting for homeowners who cannot drive in and out of the homes. they worry about running outover propane. >> that's why we need a temporary road to go through. >> reporter: a footpath around the slide has been widened, it is now easier to navigate. tony roll returned home to see the slide for the first time. >> i didn't want to get through last night. and i was hoping something could have been done by today but it looks like it's going to take longer. >> reporter: up on sky meadow lane we made our way to patty davis' running on generated power. four homes on this street have no electricity. the slide took out their power pole. but davis and most of her neighbors are going to tough it out knowing full well things could get worse
us the cost of removing each of the remaining boats range from 1,500 to $3,000. he hopes to have all the boats removed by april 1st. reporting live in marin county, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> meantime, south of the bay area at the santa cruz harbor, crews pulled out four more boats following the japan quake. crews were out using sonar equipment to lose for any debris in the harbor. the tsunami surge cost an estimated $26 million in damage to the harbor and boats. >>> on this first full day of spring, it looks still very much like the dead of winter in the high sierra. the latest storm dumped several feet of fresh snow in the mountains. they received 3 feet of new snow over a 24 hour period this weekend. mike desalle shows us how much snow he found in p placer county. >> reporter: to give you a perspective of how much snow there is. i am now on serene lake. you may see a fence right now, that's not the second -- that's not the fence to the house, that's the second floor. >>> in arizona, federal judge today ordered the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage to undergo a menta
:00. >> japanese helicopter pilots dumped sea water on damaged nuclear reactors to try to prevent meltdowns as u.s. experts issue an a.m. now warning. >> good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. japanese helicopter pilots are trying to fight the meltdown. sea water is being dumped on to the spent fuel rods in order to reduce the radiation exposure. nuclear reactors need a constant source of cooling water. officials in japan hope the helicopter bucket brigade can keep the reactors from overheating while the plant operators scramble to install a power line and use electricity to restore the reactor's cooling systems. >>> now, less than an hour ago, word came that the united states will start evacuating americans from japan, including private citizens and the families of u.s. personnel. president obama informed japan's prime minister of the plans tonight. the obama administration is chartering aircraft to accommodate americans who want to leave. also today the chairman of the u.s. regulatory commission says radiation near the fukushima plant is extremely high and damage at one reac
ominous but is it? debra villalon joins us tonight where the department of health is monitoring the air for radiation levels in the area. >> reporter: the department is monitoring changes in the atmosphere. if the radiation does arrive, scientists here will be among the first to know. it's expected to hit our coast as early as tomorrow. so diluted. radiation will be more minuscule than measurable. >> we understand everybody's concern, radiation is scary stuff. >> reporter: officials cannot say it enough, they see no health hazards. >> i'm not sure that the vision or the model of a plume this far away is -- >> no one can predict what is going to happen at the plant tomorrow. >> reporter: that uncertainty is why so much technology at so many locations is aimed at sniffing out radiation swiftly then compares it to normal background levels which vary from place to place and also pose some mysteries. >> no one has ever been able to determine differences in cancers from one location to another based just on backgrounds. >> i'm trying to not think about it because it seems seems to overwhelm
lynnscog was killed yesterday. we spoke with his mother a short time ago. and she told us that her son was a medical technician and his unit came under fire. she says as he rushed to help another soldier he was fatally wounded. the 23-year-old was due to be discharged next year. >>> new troubles tonight for the san francisco police department. a judge has dismissed yet another drug case after viewing security video and deciding it contradicted police testimony. it is the latest in the series of misconduct allegations we've been following. ktvu's heather holmes viewed the tape at the center of this latest case. she joins us now live from the city's richmond district. heather? >> reporter: julie, it's what happened inside the third floor of this apartment building and what cameras captured that is raising concerns. i want you to take a look. this is the video of the three plain-clothed officers that swayed the judge. take a look down the hallway as police investigating narcotic activity walk inside the last apartment on the left. >> i clearly said no when i was outside. >> reporter: 23-y
adachi is asking for officers who were using master keys to get into residents. eight officers have been named. 57 criminal cases have been dismissed as a result. >>> the contra costa county sheriff announced that deputy sheriff tenabe has resigned after being arrested on drugs and weapons charges last friday. tenabe has been linked to the case of norman welsh and christopher butler who are suspected of stealing confiscated drugs and selling them. >>> a surprise development in the controversy involving pg & e smart meters. a judge asked pg & e to come up with a process allowing customers to opt out. it's a story we've been following for a year now. and patti lee has the story. >> reporter: people will have the option of refusing pg & e to install these new smart meters and keeping one of these older ones around. but there's a catch. opting out will likely cost you. >> that's what they've been putting in. >> reporter: mark toni is with the reform network, a watchdog group. he says ongoing pressure finally let the cpuc to direct other options. >> at a reasonable optional cost,. >> reporter
it impacts the rest of the department. >> reporter: one victim shows us the police report she filed today. she said she has been assaulted by a stranger at this restaurant last week. >> my whole face was swollen out to here and i needed stitches. >> reporter: the police left quickly without making a report. >> they said sorry what happened to you and they have to attend a shooting and that was all. no call back or anything. >> reporter: the union says that every night in oakland there are beats that are unstaffed. the mayor declined our request for an interview. the mayor says she is in labor negotiations with the police union and commenting would be inappropriate. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san jose police are asking for the public's help to solve a hit and run case that sent a motorcycle officer to the hospital. he was thrown from his motorcycle about 1:40 this afternoon. police say crichton turned on his lights to pull over a car when another car turned in front of him and braked. the motorcycle ran into the car. its driver left the scene. the car is described
and hilltop locations. we are bringing you team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist will tell us the approach of the storm but we begin with ken wayne. >> reporter: julie, in just ten minutes ago the rain started coming down here. at times it comes straight down but then the wind will pick up and swirl the rain around. at times it has even turned sideways. the water is calm and the boats appear to be secure. but some boat owners learned the hard way that they have to take precautions as this next storm rolls into the bay area. this was how it looked monday after more than a dozen boats broke free and blown across richardson bay. with 45 miles per hour winds for wind they should check their vessels. we talked to one during the rain showers. >> every-bodies making sure that their boats are tied uptightly and check their moorings. typically boats breaking free from their mooring is the biggest item we would have to deal with. >> yes, i was worried that water was going to come in. >> reporter: she says her 62- foot long sailboat is secure. ron was tending to his 82-foot boat. his big
the house. police say the teen was upset about some recent problems. and about an hour ago, police told us they still haven't located him. >> the man convicted of assassinated robert kennedy was denied parole today after pleading to be set free. he is being held at the valley state prison. he says he has great remorse and deep regret. but he also says he still doesn't remember killing kennedy and wounding five others back in 1968 after kennedy had won the california presidential primary. the parole board said he still needs to come to terms with his crime. his next chance at parole is in five years. >> this was day two for the federallable looking into the deadly san finish federal government looking into the deadly sanbruno. and the sanbruno chief tells what he knew or did not know. >> we did not know that there was a transmission line through the city. >> reporter: he told the ntsb investigators that prior to last year's explosion they were not taught on how to deal with pga's gas pipelines. >> obviously the situation on september 9th wasn't something that we could ever imagine. but it d
see a tacoria. both will be here for hours. but many people who live or work here tell us they are nervous following a series of gang shootings in the neighborhood. this will be open until 3:30 a.m. workers say wednesday's shootings just steps from their restaurant is unsettling. >> it is very bad for the people working here because we are closing at 3:30, you know, is when the people come to their parties. >> reporter: an escalating gang war has left a 24-year-old man dead and three others injured. the fears more retaliation can come at any time. police have told us they have stepped up patrols. >> the recent spike has been very camphor quite sometime. >> reporter: supervisor david campos represents the mission. he tells us community out reach knows the gang members, their associates and families. so they are working directly with them to prevent further violence. >> the communicate is going to have more information than the police department sometimes has. so we need to be proactive as well. >> reporter: homeowner dave cub an told us he has lived in the neighborhood for
, and polite. >> jana is live in tokyo, and joins us via skype. what are you hearing in tokyo. >> reporter: it certainly is unsettling. in the past hour, it was 12:52. we had another aftershock. the hotel started swaying back and forth. i know understand, it was about a 6.0 quake. that's what the japanese television is reporting adjust off ciba, where is where nautinga airport is. it's already unstable, and aftershocks could make it even more so. obviously, that's a big concern with the radiation threat. >> thousands upon thousands have been evacuated or have lost their homes. food and water are in short supply and now we understand, the weather there has taken a turn for the worse? >> reporter: that's right, it keeps getting more and more difficult here. we understand there is a cold blast that is going to be hitting the country. it's going to drop the temperatures down. you can just imagine. there are at least 200,000 people or so who had to be evacuated from the danger zone around fukushima. that's on top of the people who have been evacuated because of the earthquake and tsunami. all o
millions of gallons of water from south bay's reservoir. lloyd lacuesta is live there to tell us that it is a preventive measure to ease the danger of flooding. >> reporter: julie, some of the water goes into the guadalupe river in downtown san jose. the river as you can see is hardly raging, but it is full. we are learning tonight that so much rain fell today that the santa clara valley water district started releasing water from three reservoirs to ease flooding threats. this is lexington reservoir above los cados which is 93% full. the other reservoirs are at 90% capacity. >> we need the water and the rain. it's good for the plants. it's good for the planet. and it's good. >> reporter: officials don't want these reservoirs topping. the total amount of water released was 58 million- gallons. and most of that water will simply flow into the bay. the flow on the highway during the height of the storms wasn't as go ahead. there were many rain-caused accidents. this dual tanker fuel truck smashed into a highway sign anded up in the bushes on highway 101 near the 237 interchange in
city was hit hard by the tsunami. a viewer sent us this picture where you can see some of the damage there. and a coastguard helicopter crew shot this video of the strong surge moving quickly into the harbor there at crescent city. by some estimates the swell was eight feet high. dozens of boats and docks were damaged. we will have a live report from crescent city coming up in about eight minutes. farther north in brookins, oregon the tsunami battered the port there. the view from above shows a jumbled mess of boats and debris left behind by the zoom. it is about five miles north of the california, oregon state line. the surge of water detached parts of the harbor infrastructure which then sent the boats that were tied up together floating across the water. >> a generous outpouring of support is already underway as many people around the bay area reach out to help those affected by the japan quake. ktvu's amber lee joins us now. she is in san francisco with a look at the local disaster relieve efforts. amber? >> reporter: julie, we are at the san francisco's sunset district. the rest
adam: we need a good night's sleep. kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night. . >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> an emotional gathering this evening in sanbruno as people came together to mark the exact moment that disaster struck. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the scars have not healed. six months after the sanbruno pipeline explosion, the rebuilding and the healing are only just beginning. ktvu's amber lee is live now in sanbruno where people felt the need to gather with others at exactly 6:11 this evening. amber? >> reporter: julie, well- wishers have created this memorial along the fence here at claremont and glenview to remember the people who have lost their lives and those who are still recovering. many people told us it was important for them to be with neighbors tonight. sanbruno residents, red cross vo
. >>> the flooding caused massive troubles around the region. one driver in fact, told us it took him 90 minutes just to get from fremont to oakland. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live tonight with what happened and what the situation is like now, jana. >> the good news is right now, all lanes north bound on 880 have been reopened. it was closed because part of the roadways were washed away by the rain creating a terrible commute in some places. we're backed up with traffic until well after 7:00 tonight. it was a deluge that dumped more water than any highway could handle. causing weather conditions and traffic. >> how is the traffic on 880? >> it's terrible. >> how bad? >> real bad, it's bumper to bumper. >> reporter: cared inched along from fremont. >> five-miles-per-hour. >> reporter: five miles per hour? >> five miles per hour. >>> side streets were also bad. a pool of water blocked one lane. other areas had water thigh high. the highway patrol office was flooded with hundreds of calls. >> we've had an increase of calls. >> reporter: one worker managed to clear a clogged drain that flooded the highwa
developments since these incidents began. jana katsuyama is here to show us the latest developments that happened. >> reporter: thins changed very quickly in the last hour. the steps are empty but they still have the metal barricades. some police officers have been coming out of the building now after a very long stand off that lasted about 7.5 hours. take a look at this video that we took just about 30 minutes ago. when the students that were on the ledge were finally led out. it was a moment where the students were cheering, they were raising their hands in victory. so let me tell you they were up there for about 7.5 hours and it was the end of a very long day. it was about 2:00 p.m. when protesters swarmed the steps of wheeler. students said they were protesting tuition fee hikes, budget cut, lay offs and the university's disciplinary action against protesters. they lowered a red banner over the entrance. >> i think people are getting pretty desperate for fighting for their education and i feel we need to support them. >>> at first police stayed at the parameter. and the chancell
that the city is behind us and will work with us and help us get through this. this is a tragedy. >> reporter: with the dry weather now you would think that problem is over. but the chief building official here said one of the houses here today was pushed about 3- inches in just a few hours. and the entire hillside could still come crumbling down. live in hercules, ken wayne. >>> in santa cruz the county board of supervisors is also expected to declare an emergency as it cleans up from wet weather. the storm cost $17 million from mud slides. capitola was among the hardest hit. the. >>> and later this hour, another bay area community cut off because of a landslide. at about 10:30, the effort now under way to move a mountain of mud and what may have made this area prone to a slide. >>> an update to a story we first reported here on friday. the city of pleasonton can drink their water. residents are being asked to preserve water until repairs are finished. >>> ktvu has learn of a high level deflection on the city council in oakland. new at10:00 tonight. our amber lee is working her sources and
told us he doesn't want to hurt anybody but we have seen him, he does have a handgun, don't know if it's a replica or a role handgun at this time. >> reporter: the 25-year-old man has accused have the bank of cheating him and has put up signs in the front window. >> we are talking, negotiating, want to get this to a resolution. >> reporter: the man's sister, i'm told , is here on site an co-operating with officials. investigators say they are continuing negotiations but with little progress and frank and julie, there is no word tonight on when the surrounding roads here will reopen. reporting live tonight here in core tea ma deer a i'm heather holmes. >>> four days have now passed since the great earthquake in japan and the crisis there appears to be getting worse by the hour. japan's prime minister kan says radiation is escaping and posing a health threat. this is a high risk of nuclear power plant explosions. the official death toll from the quake and tsunami is more than 2400 but it is still expected to climb much higher. the geological survey recalculated it and now puts the magnit
have cellphone video where you can hear today's gunshots. >> reporter: a neighbor says he used his iphone video camera when he saw police walking down his street shortly after 10:30 this morning. you can hear obscenities yelled, and theyards get down, stay on the ground, and five gunshots. >> it sounded like a smaller gun at first, followed by rifles of some type. a few minutes after that, some policemen came out and looked pretty distraught. >> reporter: it happened on oak street in san mateo in a well- kept neighborhood. the man killed is 35-year-old robert caron. the police chief says he was carrying a 38 caliber handgun. >> the suspect pointed a handgun directly at the officers and fired upon them. officers returned fire as the suspect fled to his backyard. an officer encountered the armed suspect and fired one shot, striking the suspect and ending the immediate threat. >> reporter: police say they were initially called to a store on reports of a man with a handgun acting aggressively. officers tracked that man to his home on oak street, and confronted him in his front yard. >> h
's ashes were split into three urns and put into a backpack that he used to use on his trips. the family decided to go ahead with the memorial service. >> whether it's the body or the ashes was not the person, it was a symbol. >> reporter: still huckabow wants her husband's remains back so she can go on on what she calls a pilgramage to spread her husband's ashes at his favorite places. >> i want to know what made them think they should go into a church. >> reporter: elenore hucbabow says she doesn't want the person responsible prosecuted. amber lee. >>> alameda county prosecutors charged 14 people toad for refusing to leave uc berkeley wheeler hall. the charges stem from the day of action budget protest. the eight who chained themselves to an eighth story ledge have not been charged yet. >>> a woman run over by a uc shuttle bus suffered serious injuries. video from news chopper 2 shows the interception of center street late this afternoon. police say the 54-year-old woman suffered broken bones and other injuries but it appears she will survive. she and a friend were crossing shadox at a
when he said he never knowingly used steroids. >> perjury to the grand jury is taken very seriously because if you can lie to the grand jury, the whole system falls down. >> he's always looked forward to vindication in this case. >> reporter: bonds listened as his former trainer greg anderson again told a judge he will not testify for or against his childhood friend in bonds trail set to start in three weeks. judge susan elston ordered anderson back saying she will send him to jail then. >> we will wait and see what happens. we'll hear the arguments. >> reporter: prosecution and defense have filed motions to limit the others evidence. bond's former mistress kimberly bell can testify about bonds previous incidents. >> that accusation is false and very inflammatory. >> reporter: the court plans to call 90 prospective jurors here and plans to call 12 people and 12 alternates to determine whether barry bonds is guilty or not. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we are tracking rain right now with downpours in some areas and in about eight minutes, bill is back with
. for example using this big electronic billboard right here on i80 to show the blurred face of someone convicted of prostitution with a website where you can then go see the person's face is a way to embarrass the johns. >> i'm outside looking at a garden with a friend and a car slows down, a man is looking. thinks that we're prostitutes. it's everywhere. >> reporter: sex is for sale on many streets in vallejo. a city struggling to emerge. >> this is a kentucky street watch owl. >> reporter: residents have taken it upon themselves to take action. >> that's really what we have to do there doesn't seem to be enough resources to handle what is going on. >> we're not going to sit by and let people come to the city and do whatever they want to. >> reporter: tonight recommended several possible solutions to the city council. including community patrols. more policing, cameras and high prostitute areas and a first in the state dear john campaign to shame john. >> you take their vehicle license plate number and you find out who the owner is, you send a letter to their home indicating that you
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